m2e: In-School Housing Advice

In-school housing advice for parents to tackle the educational impact of housing insecurity

With a worrying and unacceptable number of children in Southwark residing in temporary accommodation, Kineara is committed to providing housing support to families in school settings. 

Our pilot study that commenced last year at a primary school in Southwark, identified a requirement amongst families for assistance to address  specific issues with their housing as well as the broader impact of housing instability on children’s attendance and academic performance.

Many children in temporary accommodaton are sharing rooms with parents or older siblings, lacking space to study or sleep adequately. Many temporary accommodation set ups such as hotels or hostels, lack cooking facilities, forcing families to resort to unhealthy eating options like takeaways and fast food.

Help Provided

  • Through regular, appointment based sessions at schools, we are able to support families holistically and resolve a wide range of accommodation and related issues.
  • Our comprehensive approach includes facilitating paperwork, securing housing upgrades, reviewing and optimising financial circumstances, and providing long-term assistance through a network of community networks and council support.
  • By collaborating closely with school staff who have direct insight into a student's specific challenges at school and home, we can effectively identify, prioritise, and address cases in a setting that is both accessible and familiar to parents and guardians.

If you are interested in our school housing advice sessions, contact us to find out how we can help.

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We have been delighted to pilot this project in collaboration with Kineara, and have welcomed their expertise and detailed case-work for our most vulnerable families. We have already seen the positive impact of this and are keen to continue seeing the fruits of this partnership.” – Fiona Carrick-Davies, Family & Community Co-ordinator