The Better Together Community Expo, held last week at Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle, showcased the power of community collaboration and support. Organised by Kineara, the event brought together local landlords, service providers, and individuals seeking advice on housing, education, and employment opportunities, creating a vibrant and productive atmosphere.

The Expo saw a great turnout, with attendees benefiting from the collective expertise and services provided by various partners. The Skills Centre, Southwark Private Renters’ Project, Berkeley Group, Fat May’s, The Princes Trust, Southwark College, Reed in Partnership and National Energy Action were among the notable organisations offering their support. Additionally, local professionals such as hairdresser Kenny, reflexologist Louis, and artist Giorgio provided complimentary services that added a unique touch to the event. Peckham Soup Kitchen kindly prepared and served hot food funded by Berkeley Group in Mercato Metropolitano’s community kitchen, and the event was filmed by students from Southwark College. 

Commenting on the event, Maria Morgan, Founder of Kineara, said  

 “We are incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. The sense of community spirit was truly inspiring, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to support and uplift our community.”

Our community partners were in agreement and had this to say:

“Thank you to everyone at Kineara for an incredible event that showcased an inspiring collective of individuals and local agencies making a real-time impact on communities. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by all participants will undoubtedly enhance outcomes for the community and foster new partnerships”. 

– Alex Kylen, Strategic Manager, Omnia Housing 


“The event was very inspiring – it has inspired me to do more and work more with people. The name of the event really highlights truth in that as a community we are better together as I made a lot of connections and can now help more people.” 

– Omoze Edeki, National Energy Action 


The Expo highlighted the importance of building strong community connections and providing comprehensive support to those in need, facilitating interactions between landlords, housing groups and potential tenants as well as offering valuable advice and services in education and employment. 


“I loved every minute of the event. It was very instructive. A face-to-face meeting or encounter with public service officials is always preferrable to email and Zoom meetings. I learned a great deal on the day and it was a pleasure speaking to Kineara and to others.

– Delight Amatoby, attendee

A special thanks was also given to Mercato Metropolitano for hosting the Expo in their sustainable space, which perfectly aligned with the event’s focus on community and collaboration. 

As the Better Together Community Expo concludes, Kineara looks forward to building on this momentum and continuing to foster connections that benefit the community. Kineara  remains dedicated to providing support and resources that empower individuals and strengthen community ties.