Education Services

Intensive support for pupils and embedded wraparound support for schools are part of our holistic service that aims to improve wellbeing at school.

Over the last several years, as we have delivered intensive support programmes to pupils across London, we have seen the difference that the presence of an independent, specialist support worker, based in the school and with reach into the local community, can make.

Kineara’s wraparound school support offers schools, and the pupils and families that come to school everyday, that little extra care that helps create a nurturing learning environment for everyone. Whether it is providing a time for parents to find holistic support for challenges at home, or a confidential space for staff to help improve wellbeing; delivering parenting workshops or confidence-building sessions for children, we draw on practical know-how, therapeutic approaches, strength-based confidence building and meaningful connections to the right kind of additional support.

Our wraparound support evolved from Kineara’s experiences of working with families facing the greatest challenges. We have supported people to address rent arrears and avoid evictions, find additional financial support, navigate benefits and support services, and find health care. At the core of our work is the belief that a turnaround happens when relationships are strengthened, so nurturing healthy relationships between pupils and their families, and between pupils and their school and all the staff, is what we believe makes the most inspiring and supportive learning environment for young people.

Our intensive 1:1 programme, Motivate to Educate, works with school pupils over 15 weeks both in school and out. It gives children and young people tools and strategies to address their own personal barriers and motivate themselves to get the most out of their education. Its success lies in its ability to engage families, teachers and anyone else important to a young person’s learning and aspirations.

Delivering M2E online

We are developing an exciting addition to our education support which will include a package of online support and training for schools, to help school adapt their support services to the post-Covid world. From 1:1 support for pupils, family support, school/parent workshops to counselling, M2E online is designed and tailored to your needs.

M2E online is based on our in-house delivery, and we have already been working and trialling this model with a number of schools across London.

If you are interested in knowing more or have any questions, please get in touch at

How we can work in your school

We specialise in working with young people who are living in families with multi-complex needs.

They could be facing problems that the school has little awareness about, or they simply do not have the resources to offer more support. M2E is an option that can support those children and families who need more time to work through the challenges they face.

In addition, we offer wraparound care, which can include M2E for a number of pupils across a year, Parent’s Place drop-in sessions for parents, Our Space drop-in sessions for staff,

additional parenting support workshops, and other school wellbeing activities tailored to the need of the school and delivered by a dedicated support practitioner.We have supported both teachers and parents with mental health needs, to address housing issues, and find job support. We connect families with public and community services and can provide practical help to resolve hidden challenges.

In the process, we relieve burdens on families and staff so that children and young people can grow in a supportive environment which stimulates their aspirations.

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Knowing I had someone I could open up to, and developing tools to communicate better with my daughters about issues effecting all of us, was so important for me. It’s been fantastic!


What's included

  • x3 M2E 1:1 intensive support programmes for pupils and their families.
  • Weekly confidential parent’s drop in, for wellbeing and practical advice.
  • Weekly confidential teacher and school staff drop in for wellbeing and practical advice.
  • Open workshop series for both parents and the school community, on topics such as family wellbeing, child development and parenting techniques.
  • A specialist and dedicated school-based practitioner who become part of the school community, and plays the connecting role between pupils and families, families and school, and school and its staff.
  • Flexible and integrated support that is tailored to the school’s needs.

Why Choose Us?


of 63 M2E cases improved emotional wellbeing and confidence


of 63 cases improved family wellbeing and communication 


housing, legal, finance and mental health issues resolved


housing, mental health and workload issues resolved for teachers


workshops delivered this year on child development, building confidence and resilience

For more information about how our education support could work for you, please contact us.