Our vision, mission and values

Our vision

  • We want to see a society with supportive, connected, healthy communities and services that enhance wellbeing, equality, social justice, and positive outcomes.
  • We want to see vulnerable people or those with complex needs at the centre of decisions that affect them, with access to quality support, services and resources that recognise everyone’s inherent worth and leaves no-one behind.
  • Kineara aims to become a go-to provider of specialist, meaningful support services that really make a difference to the quality of vulnerable people’s lives across the UK.

Our Mission

    • To support people going through challenging times in housing, education and employment.

    • To create and deliver effective support services that introduce and inspire meaningful and lasting change in the lives of the people and communities we serve.

    • To ensure people leave Kineara better equipped to face challenges and life with hope.

Our core values

Meaningful work

HOLISTIC: We believe in holistic support that is systemic and tailored. This means understanding an individual’s, family’s or organisation’s wellbeing in all areas of their lives, including physical, mental, and emotional health, financial wellbeing, employment, education and housing needs and aspirations, and more. We also provide wraparound support for partners interested in supporting the wellbeing of the whole organisation or the whole-school community.
IMPACT: Our holistic work is underpinned by proven theories and models of practice. We believe in our mission and our ability to impact the lives of others, policy and Decision-making by placing those most impacted by it at the forefront.
INTEGRITY: We are trustworthy, dependable and reliable in our service and behaviour. We have strong principles and are sincere about the work we do.
PURPOSE-LED: We aim to create and deliver effective support services that inspires meaningful and lasting change in the lives of people and communities we serve.


COMMUNITY: We believe that strong, healthy, connected communities and relationships are key to supporting health and wellbeing and improving outcomes.
PARTNERSHIP WORKING: We work closely with partners to create positive transformation, so those we work with can embed new learnings, tools and ideas into their work, lives and practice.
TEAMWORK: We are passionate about developing individually and as an organisation, through reflective and innovative practice. We are accountable to each other, our partners, stakeholders, and the people we work with.


INNOVATION: We believe in developing new ideas and turning these into reality through innovative partnerships and projects, monitoring and evaluation.
THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: As a team, we are experienced and competent professionals in our respective fields. As such, we are passionate about sharing our insight and best practice with our supporters on areas of interest.
MEDIATION: As a service, we are experienced in mediation and resolving conflict. We are passionate about strengthening relationships and building stronger communities.
SOCIAL JUSTICE: As an organisation, one of our aims is to influence wider policy on housing, welfare and other social issues that impact the communities we work with. We are passionate about making a difference and sustaining positive outcomes.

Our aims

To create meaningful, positive and sustainable change in the lives of the people and organisations we work with.

To strengthen housing security of vulnerable with tenancy support, eviction prevention, and wellbeing support.

To improve wellbeing, education and employment aspirations, and inspire strength and confidence.

To bridge gaps between people and their local communities and encourage social connection.

To introduce helpful challenge that will make a difference in policies and practice which impacts the lives of the most vulnerable in society.

Our programmes and services

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The practitioners are extremely flexible and self-sufficient, enabling the support to run independently whilst also communicating effectively with school staff.

Kirstie Barrett, Harrington Hill Primary

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