We are Kineara

We support people going through hard times to sustain tenancies, access the right benefits, tackle rent arrears and debt, engage with education, find routes to employment, improve wellbeing, health, and connect to their community.

Our Areas Of Work

Housing Services

We work with partners across the sector to deliver tailored support programs that consider the interconnectivity of housing and physical and mental wellbeing.

Education Services

We provide school support services for pupils, their families, and school staff to facilitate wellbeing, overcome challenges and create a positive learning environment.

Employment Services

We deliver employment support that goes beyond developing job readiness skills, offering rounded support that incorporates housing concerns, health and wellbeing.


We co-develop research with and for housing and community support organisations to understand what matters to residents and how services can be improved

Policy Advice

We advise on the best housing policies for Londoners as part of the London Housing Panel. We also sit on the LHP’s working group for Temporary Accommodation

Our Impact

In numbers


households supported in intensive programmes


individuals reached across 10 London boroughs

2 in 3

supported to address financial hardship


households provided health & wellbeing support

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