Bringing RSP to the private sector

At Kineara we have created flexible programmes so that they can be adapted to suit the changing needs of our clients. This flexibility is important to us, as it means we can adjust some details of our work while keeping true to our core beliefs – that all people deserve a decent home.

So with this in mind, we have decided to take our Rent Support Programme to the private sector for landlords who have tenants in arrears and want to support them through it while keeping their tenancy intact.

More and more low income and vulnerable people who cannot find home in the social housing sector will find themselves in private rented accommodation where keeping up with rents can be tough and landlords have greater rights to evict. However, we believe no landlord, private or social, wants to put a family on the streets over arrears, especially if that family has had their income shrink due to factors beyond their control. Our RSP for private landlords offers a solution – a short term intervention that marries social work with money management so that whatever has caused the arrears is addressed quickly and sustainable without the need for eviction. For a small investment in their tenants well-being to get to the root of the problem, landlords will find them becoming far happier, more resilient and reliable tenants.

This is a pioneering prospect. We want to ensure that all renters and tenants, in social or private housing, are not living with the fear of eviction because they have been made redundant or have care responsibilities that affects their income. Our programme provides hands-on, practical support to address all kinds of issues, and our experienced practitioners are experts in working with some of the most vulnerable families.

Are you a private landlord? Do you have tenants struggling with arrears? Do you want to do something pioneering with us that goes beyond the usual call for landlords? Then contact us!

Download a briefing on our specialist services for private landlords here (pdf)

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