Rent Support Programme

We provide intensive support to prevent evictions of vulnerable people in social housing

Rent arrears, a breakdown of communication between tenants and housing providers, and sudden changes to income are all factors that could lead the threat of an eviction.

The Rent Support Programme works with tenants to prevent eviction by exploring how different challenges in life have effected their ability to sustain their tenancy. Over 10 intensive weeks, we tailor a programme to work holistically to address and overcome barriers that have led to the risk of homelessness and eviction. 

We know that for many vulnerable residents with multi-complex needs, even the possibility of an eviction can be too much to handle alone. Our specialist programme provides strength-based and confidence building support that is both practical and therapeutic, all the while aiming to address the root causes of rent arrears and avoid eviction.

While the focus of the programme is resolving rent arrears, what is most important to us is making sure our families and residents are in a stronger, happier and more stable place than at the start.

The Rent Support Programme has worked with residents of Poplar Harca, City of London, Southern Housing Group and Origin Housing, and has a 92% success rate in preventing evictions.

How RSP can work for housing providers

This programme is designed to offer housing providers an alternative to the financial and social costs of eviction.

Tenants with multi-complex needs are given intensive one-to-one support, and within 10 weeks over 85% of the residents we work with have begun repaying arrears.

Not only that, our unique services include finding educational, employment and training opportunities; supporting residents’ issues with drugs and alcohol; uncovering and accessing support for mental health and learning disabilities, among many other things.

Kineara’s clients say they feel more supported, less stressed and more confident following our 10–week programme.

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Our Objectives

  • Prevent eviction and homelessness
  • Support tenants to take steps to overcome barriers to employment or education, improve wellbeing and enable stability
  • Rebuild relationships and improve communication between tenants and their housing provider
  • Support vulnerable tenants to understand and manage their finances
  • Enable residents to make regular rent payments through a sustainable and agreed plan

Why Choose Us?


success rate in stopping evictions


repaid some or all arrears


given mental health support


support with education or employment

For more information about how RSP could work for you, please contact us.