‘A fairer private rented sector’: We respond to the Government’s plans for renters

‘A fairer private rented sector’: We respond to the Government’s plans for renters

In June the Government released a long awaited white paper on private rented sector reforms that many organisations and housing justice campaigners hoped would mark the final end to the use of no fault evictions as well as wider reforms to the sector. In reality, while we celebrate the abolishing of section 21 notices, there are wide gaps that the white paper fails to address, particularly for those on the lowest incomes who are routinely shut out from suitable, stable and affordable housing.

We responded to the call for evidence with several concerns we have based on our direct experience working with low income renters facing tenancy insecurity in London. These include:

  • Making it illegal for landlords to not rent to benefits recipients is a positive development but without teeth: direct discrimination against those on benefits continues despite several court rulings declaring it as unlawful. Indirect discrimination manifests in the form of requests to potential renters of a guarantor with £45,000 in income or reference to evidence of income that is x2.5 above the rent are just some barriers to entry for renters receiving benefits.
  • The report makes no mention of the growing gaps between Local Housing Allowance rates and rising rents.
  • Efforts to abolish section 21 leave in place loopholes that landlords can exploit, even in the event that the legislation is passed.

You can read our full response to the Government here.

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Event: Shaping support services for private renters in Southwark

Event: Shaping support services for private renters in Southwark

Would you like to know how we’re supporting private renters in Southwark?

We are holding a virtual showcase for sector partners and community groups to hear about our work delivering the Southwark Private Renters Project in the borough. Come along to find out how we are supporting private renters to sustain tenancies and gain greater housing security. Register here.

The 60-minute session will cover:

• How the project is tackling barriers to secure, safe, affordable housing for private renters in Southwark

• How you can refer to the project

• What support do private renters and landlord receive from the project?

• How your service can collaborate with Kineara

• Hear from a client with lived experience about their journey

• Hear from other services in the borough including Southwark Law Centre, Impact on Urban Health and Southwark Council

Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be based in Southwark to attend.

Register on Eventbrite. Instructions on how to join will be provided on registration.

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How holistic tenancy support for renters with complex needs is helping to transform lives

How holistic tenancy support for renters with complex needs is helping to transform lives

Working with the most vulnerable Southern Housing Group customers, Reframe is a holistic support programme for tenants at risk of losing their tenancy, particularly due to high rent arrears or anti-social behaviour. We provide essential support for tenants going through major challenges, from mental and physical health, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic abuse to financial hardship. 

Holistic tenancy sustainment, especially through early intervention, is an approach that we’ve been delivering and championing over many years. By working to uncover the root causes of insecure tenancies, and helping to develop relationships between tenants, housing officers, and local/social services, tenants we support can not only sustain their housing but are supported to face other major challenges that have also been affecting their housing, and their lives. We’re currently working with 15 SHG tenants with complex needs and will continue to take on referrals and assess these on a case-by-case basis.

Sonia, Kineara’s Reframe practitioner, said that our service is helping tenants develop more independence, re-engage with services, and start to take control of their own lives. She explained that a number of hard-to-reach clients are “now open to housing service support as they recognise that they need it.” One client, for example, whose home was hoarded, and mental and physical health had begun to deteriorate, “thanked me for being there for him, letting him realise his self- worth, and giving him the confidence to get up and start doing things.” Another client with alcohol addiction and suicidal thoughts has also received ongoing support and a listening ear –  a challenging case which would have worsened without the support.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate existing hardships and impact vulnerable tenants in acute ways, including a number of tenants we’re supporting being hospitalised with the virus, and others falling behind with rent. There is often not just one reason why rent arrears build up. Reframe’s tailored support, as well as understanding wider issues impacting tenants, is what makes the programme so transformational for the hardest-to-reach.

If you know of an SHG tenant that may benefit from this support, contact: For more information, contact: or 0203 976 1450

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