Sustainability of the RSP begins to show: Creating long term change with short term interventions

The long term benefits of our Rent Support Programme are beginning to be revealed though recent post-intervention monitoring.

We carried out a 6-month follow up meeting with five of residents of City of London housing who took part in the programme between October 2014 and February 2015 to find out how their situation had changed, whether their well-being had improved and to see if they were continuing to pay back their arrears and sustain their tenancy.

All five had remained in their home and there was no immediate threat of eviction. In four cases, arrears had continued to decrease and they were sticking with the repayment plan agreed with the Kineara worker.  Two had cleared their arrears completely by the 6 month check; one of those had arrears of £2125 at the start of the intervention. And another was one instalment away from being in credit.

Kineara’s focus on sustainability and stability for the tenants continues to be a priority, so it is exciting for us to see that the changes we support the families through are still having a positive impact several months down the line.

What have the City tenants said about the intervention and support which they have received?

“I felt the support was completely tailored towards me and you gave me maximum support, you really know me and know what makes me tick”

“I feel like it’s a must that I pay my rent. It makes me feel happy that no one can bother me and it’s a relief once I pay it”

“On a scale of 1-10 (1 things going really bad and 10 things are really positive) before Kineara I felt like I would scale myself at a 1. Everything was going wrong at the same time and I just buried my head in the sand. At the end of the support I feel like I’m at an 8 I’m making payments but I’ve still got room for improvement. ”

“I really appreciate the emotional support which is something I haven’t had in a long time.”

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