Southwark Private Renters Project

Supporting private renters in Southwark to sustain tenancies and avoid homelessness

We've partnered with Southwark Law Centre, Southwark Council's Private Rented Sector Team and Impact on Urban Health to bring specialist tenancy sustainment support to private renters in Southwark.

When the Government announced that the temporary ban on bailiff-enforced evictions would be lifted with the end pandemic restrictions, we wanted to support private renters who may have got into rent arrears, were facing no-fault evictions, and whose income had been effected by Covid-19.

We're supporting private renters who are facing eviction and homelessness to access benefits and improve income, communicate with landlords, access wellbeing and health services, advocate for suitable housing for their family, address home safety and disrepair, and find onward housing.

You can find out more about the successes and impact we've had in our pilot year and the first year of delivery in our recent reports.

We’re grateful to Impact on Urban Health for providing the funding to make this happen.


How we support renters

We work with tenants who are low income and are facing eviction from their private rented home. Where possible, we support renters to avoid eviction by improving income, mediating with the landlord on payments, housing conditions, contracts and communication. If necessary, we also support tenants receiving homelessness support from the Council to find suitable, affordable onward housing that supports their health and wellbeing. 

Our support is designed to help you overcome it with affirming and strength-based support. We work with services you may already be connected to,  and make sure your wellbeing is taken care of throughout. We aim to make sure that at the end of each programme our families have a secure home to build their future.

We can help to: Get arrears and debt under control; claim benefits you are entitled to; search for and secure housing options that suit your needs and income; learn about managing money and your tenancy; work towards better health and wellbeing; access the GP and access other health services; mediate rent repayment plans with your landlord; and offer legal support for those that require it through our partners.

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The support you guys gave me was amazing. If it wasn't for your practitioners I'd be on the streets. You were there when no-one else was and I'll always be grateful. ”

Take part

We’re currently delivering this programme in Southwark. We take referrals via LB Southwark's Private Rented Sector Team, the social prescribers network, and other local agencies. If you or someone you are working with needs support, contact us at or download our information sheet.

Our success so far

  • Supporting over 150 private sector households so far
    with intensive housing support, over 275 individuals 

  • Financial hardship and wellbeing addressed

  • Legal support provided to nearly half of households

  • 90% reported improved wellbeing at end


If you are are interested in how a service like this can support renters in your borough, contact us to find out more.