Private Renters Covid Support

We're working with Southwark Law Centre and Southwark Council to protect renters facing eviction

Private Renters Covid Support is a 10 week support intervention for renters, offering practical, emotional and legal support to renters facing eviction.

We're working with Southwark Law Centre to provide specialist support to people with complex needs in the borough who may be in rent arrears or otherwise have been threatened with eviction due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Working in partnership with Southwark Council's private rent support teams, we aim to ensure that no-one is pushed into homelessness at this difficult time.

The project is being delivered with the support of Guys' and St Thomas' Charity, as part of the Charity's aim to address health inequalities by tackling the social determinants of health for residents in Southwark.

Our approach

This project bring together Kineara's experience supporting people with complex needs to sustain tenancies, with Southwark Law Centre's specialist housing law advice and representation, to protect renters in the private sector who are facing eviction. Using our intensive 10-week model of support, we work directly with people to tackle the root causes of their insecure tenancy, providing tools and techniques to make changes sustainable and engaging plenty of local support so residents aren't facing homelessness alone.




The project aims to mediate with landlords and tenants to find solutions wherever possible, but is also available to those tenants who need advocacy and legal representation, for instance in cases of serious disrepair in the home.

We also support tenants to address debt and financial hardship; tackle issues with drugs and alcohol; access support for mental health, physical health and wellbeing; find work and training; mediate with housing services, welfare and social services; and ensure tenants know their rights and how to access further support.


How to refer

This support is available to private sector tenants (including lodgers) in the borough of  Southwark with complex needs and who may be considered 'vulnerable', who are facing eviction and one or more of the following: rent arrears, low income and eligible for some form of benefits, living in poor housing conditions, changing financial circumstances due to the pandemic, health needs that effect ability to pay rent, and facing eviction via illegal means.

To make a referral, please contact our partners Southwark Council who will provide you with a referral form. The details will then be passed onto us, and we will discuss the referral with Southwark Law Centre's solicitor to assess what support will be required, before developing a tailored plan of support with the tenant.

To learn more about the project, you can email us directly with ‘Private Renters Covid Support’ in the subject.

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The programme is designed to ensure that any issues preventing a person sustaining their tenancy is acknowledged and addressed. Partnership is an integral part of our work with people and the local community.  - Maria Morgan, Director of Kineara   

For more information please contact us.