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Settle In Fund - help make a house a home for a Southwark resident or family

Many households we meet in the London Borough of Southwark are facing housing insecurity. Sometimes a household has to move in a hurry after a no-fault eviction notice, or they have to borrow money to help cover the costs of moving. Taking time off work for packing and moving, childcare, moving boxes and vans are all just the initial costs to cover.


After that, many renters move into unfurnished property but don’t have the means to make it into a home – for example, beds and sofas, mattresses and bedding, a kettle, a toaster, cleaning products, curtains, light shades and more.

All the families we support have budgets stretched to their limits and experience food, fuel and digital hardship. With your help, we want to make moving a less stressful experience for the renters we support and help our clients create a home that supports their wellbeing, without sending them into debt or living with less. All your donations will go directly to families that need it and be spent on the goods or services that they need most at that moment, whether it is a moving van for a few hours or a trip to get some household essentials.

We thank you for anything you can give today.