Motivate to Educate

M2E works with pupils aged 4–18 to explore their understanding of education and build on their ambitions.

Children and young people face a variety of challenges that can impact on their education and future. Motivate to Educate (M2E) aims to change this by giving pupils the tools and strategies to address their own personal barriers and get the most out of their education.

Whether it’s school-phobia, bullying, behaviour problems, mental health challenges, learning difficulties, or problems at home, having the opportunity to address these challenges is vital in helping pupils achieve their full potential.

Our M2E programme works holistically with pupils over 15 weeks both in school and out. Our success lies in our ability to engage families, teachers and anyone else important to a young person’s learning and aspirations.

We specialise in working with young people who are living in families with multi-complex needs.They could be facing problems that the school has little awareness about, or they simply do not have the resources to offer more support. M2E is an option that can support those children and families who need more time to work through the challenges they face.

Each intervention is tailored to specific need and, overall, families we work with say their children’s wellbeing, communication, and emotional awareness significantly improve after taking part in the programme. Teachers notice improved behaviour and engagement in the classroom, and our pupils experience real improvements in stress, anxiety, motivation and confidence, which impacts positively on their education.

How M2E works

Over 15 weeks, our specialist practitioners work with pupils aged 4–18 both in school and out, to explore their understanding of education, help them overcome challenges, and build on their ambitions.

Working closely with the pupils through a combination of 1:1, family and peer support sessions, our dedicated school-based practitioner provides valuable support which makes a long-lasting impact for pupils and their families.

In addition, we offer whole-school wraparound care, which can include M2E for a number of pupils across a year, Parent’s Place drop-in sessions for parents, Our Space drop-in sessions for staff, additional parenting support workshops, and other school wellbeing activities tailored to the need of the school.

Delivering M2E online

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We are developing an exciting addition to our education support which will include a package of online support and training for schools, to help school adapt their support services to the post-Covid world. From 1:1 support for pupils, family support, school/parent workshops to counselling, M2E online is designed and tailored to your needs.

M2E online is based on our in-house delivery, and we have already been working and trialling this model with a number of schools across London.

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We could not provide the much-needed level of support we do for our whole school community without Kineara’s M2E and drop in service. Their success in building relationships and trust with parents and carers is very unique. - Kirstie Barrett, Head Teacher

Our Objectives

  • Identify and overcome barriers that stop young people from performing well at school
  • Improve attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitudes towards teachers and school
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Build strong relationships between school and parents/carer
  • Help the young person to explore their aspirations and link them into appropriate shadowing experiences
  • Work with parents to explore their own experiences of education and build on their aspirations for themselves and for their child
  • Work with parents to explore home life and routines and how these interact with their child's education
  • Help parents meaningfully engage in child’s education so it can be well supported

Why Choose Us?


of 63 cases improved emotional wellbeing and confidence


of 63 cases improved family wellbeing and communication


of 11 cases showed improvement in pupils' confidence

1 in 3

cases resolved housing related issues


of 14 SDQ records showed significant improvement

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