Motivate to Educate

Motivate to Educate works with young people to burst through the often multiple barriers that stop them achieving in school.

Understanding what can support pupils achieving at school and what can get in the way is key to our Motivate to Educate programme.

School-phobia, anxiety, depression, problems at home, bullying, behaviour problems and learning difficulties can make school a challenge for children and young people.

Motivate to Educate (M2E) gives children and young people tools and strategies to address their own personal barriers and motivate themselves to get the most out of their education. Its success lies in its ability to engage families, teachers and anyone else important to a young person’s learning and aspirations.

M2E evolved from Kineara’s experiences of working with families facing the greatest challenges. At the core of the M2E programme is the belief that a turnaround happens when family relationships are strengthened, so a child can grow in a supportive environment which stimulates their aspirations.

M2E works with pupils aged 4–18 to explore their understanding of education and build on their ambitions.

The programme offers 15 weeks intensive support with sessions taking place in school and out. Parents and families are encouraged to engage with the programme and are supported with practical advice to overcome challenges that may be impacting their child motivation for school.

It is designed to strengthen relationships between pupil, family and school and builds a shared understanding of how barriers can be overcome.

How M2E can work in your school

We specialise in working with young people who are living in families with multi-complex needs.

They could be facing problems that the school has little awareness about, or they simply do not have the resources to offer more support.

We can connect families with public and community services and can provide practical help to resolve hidden challenges.

In the process, we relieve burdens on the family and build family relationships so the child can grow in a supportive environment which stimulates their aspirations.

We can also provide additional support through a drop in service, which enables the school to offer a space where their staff and parents can get advice and support on challenges at home, such housing matters, benefits advice or health and wellbeing.


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Knowing I had someone I could open up to, and developing tools to communicate better with my daughters about issues effecting all of us, was so important for me. It’s been fantastic!

Our Objectives

  • Identify and overcome barriers that stop young people from performing well at school
  • Improve attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitudes towards teachers and school
  • Boost confdence and self-esteem
  • Build strong relationships between school and parents/carer
  • Help the young person to explore their aspirations and link them into appropriate shadowing experiences
  • Work with parents to explore their own experiences of education and build on their aspirations for themselves and for their child
  • Work with parents to explore home life and routines and how these interact with their child's education
  • Help parents meaningfully engage in child’s education so it can be well supported

Why Choose Us?


cases out of 10 showed improved motivation


cases out of 6 showed improved academic progress


families supported with communication, parenting techniques, routines and quality time to improve family wellbeing


housing, health or employment related issues resolved


eviction prevented

For more information about how M2E could work for you, please contact us.