Corporate and local business donors

Simple yet impactful action in your local community, kudos for your business

We are keen to partner with local businesses that share our values of collaboration and innovation to achieve long-term positive outcomes for those who really need our help. 

There are many ways to get involved either through long-term giving linked into your business model or one off events, for example:

  • Retailers: Donate £xx for a particular product(s) sold
  • Hospitality: Donate a % of a particular meal or drink sold
  • Professional services: Donate £xx/ xx% of your fee for every client account each month
  • Professional services: Donate £xx for every new business client your obtain

  • Donate unwanted furniture and appliances 
  • Hold a fundraiser
  • Arrange payroll giving
  • Volunteer few hours of professional skills each month
  • A straightforward monthly donation 
  • A one-off donation
  • Beyond doing something great for your community, there are so many more reasons to work with us: 

    • Increase employee engagement 
    • Enhance your branding with CSR credentials 
    • Strengthen your reputation with customers 
    • Set yourself apart from your competitors 
    • Press opportunities, brand awareness and digital marketing opportunities


    Interested in becoming a business donor?