Who we are

Kineara was founded in 2012 with the aim of supporting individuals, families and communities to lead happier, healthier lives.

At Kineara we believe that strong relationships help us gets through tough times. There are many things that create stress in our lives – jobs, money, housing, health, finances and the wellbeing of our loved ones – all those things can sometimes get on top of us. This can happen especially when our housing or job environments are already precarious, or if we are already isolated from our community. At those times, it is important to have a helping hand. That is where Kineara comes in.

We believe no-one is an island and everyone needs someone. Kineara programmes are designed to provide the tailored support that is needed to assist people through their most challenges times, taking small and important steps towards overcoming those barriers, wherever or however they have arisen in peoples’ lives.

As a service, we believe it’s important not to tell people what to do or make assumptions about what they need. Instead, we listen to the needs of the people we work with, tailor our support around them and help to facilitate positive change. If it is assisting someone in finding work, help understanding the benefit system and entitlements, or advice around family issues and parenting, we work with people to build confidence and resilience to face a new day.

We know from experience that there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution, as long as you have the tools and support to find it.

We work directly with individuals and their families to using a holistic approach, understanding the family as a unit and the community as a network. We do not only provide practical support – we also prioritise emotional wellbeing and confidence building by offering therapeutic intervention and counsels if needed.

Kineara’s aim is to reconnect people with their passion and aspirations. We help to improve family and community relationships and aspire to create safety and resilience for people in challenging and uncertain times.

What people are saying:

“Kineara helped us organise our bills and set up payment plans”

“I was stuck with everything. Kineara provided me with guidance and support to move forward.”

“Kineara provided me with financial training, which helped me manage a budget on a limited income.”


Kineara can provide Rent Support Programmes, community cohesion projects as well as training and consultancy to other organisations.

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