Rent Support Programme


Kineara’s Rent Support Programme works to prevent homelessness by supporting people who are in debt, struggling with other challenges and at risk of eviction.

Kineara’s Rent Support Programme from Kineara on Vimeo.

The programme provides intensive, specialist support to residents who are in rent arrears for 10 weeks and helps them into a better place. Housing providers who are experiencing difficulties engaging residents can use the programme to build a relationship with their residents and help them sustain rent payments.

The Rent Support Programme has a 97% success rate in preventing evictions and has been successful in addressing debt concerns, rebuilding the relationship between housing provider and residents, reducing rent arrears and maintaining rent payments.

Families and individuals referred to the program usually have several other unknown issues which affect their financial situation, such as mental or physical health problems. Although the main focus of the programme is to resolve rent arrears, it also addresses the additional concerns and issues that the families and individuals have.

Financial training is also provided to help residents take control of their finances and manage a budget on limited income. The training helps residents to understand the impact of welfare reforms and provides them with tools so they can maintain their residency and budget. The training helps them to understand their relationship with money.

Kineara has worked in partnership with Interface Enterprises Ltd to develop a cost saving tool and can calculate the financial savings and social impact of each programme.


What people are saying:

“The workers they have time for you’re and explain things. They listen to you and give you direction. Doing this had showed me you can do things. I know now that I can do it.”

“Working with Kineara has been life changing. I now have options I never thought I would have”

“I now know where to ask for support. I am more on board, a bit more independent and have different ways of going around things.”


How does the Rent Support Programme work?

Our support enables residents in crisis to explore, uncover and understand how and why they have fallen into debt and accrued arrears; engage and connect them with local services and resources to support with debt and benefit enquiries; generate a heightened awareness of money matters and promote effective budgeting.

Kineara’s clients say they feel supported, less stressed and more confident following our 10–week programme. Tailored and designed around each resident’s specific needs, the programme uses a holistic approach that stems from Tower Hamlet’s award winning Family Intervention Project, getting to the root causes of the circumstances that have caused the client to get into debt in the first place.

Our unique services include finding educational, employment and training opportunities; supporting residents’ issues with drugs and alcohol; uncovering and accessing support for mental health and learning disabilities, among many other things.

How the Rent Support Programme works for landlords

This programme is designed to offer housing providers who are finding it difficult to collect rent from residents the tools to build a relationship with their resident, get them onto a payment plan and prevent eviction, with its well-known financial and social costs.

The programme enables housing providers to:

  • Rebuild relationships with residents who won’t engage
  • Support vulnerable tenants to take control of their finances
  • Enable residents to make regular, sustainable rent payments
  • Recoup outstanding rent payments
  • Make significant financial savings for housing provider and society
  • Prevent eviction and homelessness
  • Achieve results through a holistic, strength based, approach

However, the RSP is more than a housing intervention. It’s always about people: understanding how they think; what they fear; how to get them to open the front door and how to unlock potential.


If you are interested in our Rent Support Programme please contact us.