close-upRiha and Jayani’s story

“It’s made a difference for the whole family really, so the holistic approach of the programme has been great for all of us.”

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l-and-p4-150x150Pathou’s Story

“If it wasn’t for Elizabeth I‘d probably leave the flat and end up being on the street again, cos I was stuck and I didn’t know where to turn.”

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close-up-150x150Bandita’s Story

“She helped me in every way, emotionally she supported me so much first and then she helped me about my many issues, my rent, my benefits, my financial crisis. She helped me like angel.”

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owen3-150x150Owen’s story

“I know they help all the residents, but they’ve been really helpful and I really appreciate it. It makes it easier knowing someone’s on your side.”

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Desmona’s story

“If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be here”

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