Rent Support Programme Plus aims to tackle evictions of vulnerable people living in private rented homes

With social housing in short supply and unaffordable rents in the private sector, increasing numbers of vulnerable people are being faced with evictions and homelessness.

More and more, households find themselves caught in a cycle of housing insecurity, unable to keep up with daily costs and living with short term, risky tenancies. Councils are increasingly relying on the private sector to house vulnerable people and supply temporary accommodation but too often the most vulnerable are left without support.

RSP+ is an intensive tenancy sustainment programme that we developed to fill that gap. In 2018, Kineara took part in the Young Foundation's ReimaginingRent programme for social businesses working on solutions to the housing crisis, specifically the private rented sector. Here, we began to see how our 10-week rent support model could be adapted for private renters, especially those with complex needs who are increasingly being housed in private accommodation but don't have access to to support. 

RSP+ delivers support to vulnerable families and individuals renting in the private sector and is designed to offer tenants and landlords an alternative to eviction. It is based on our Rent Support Programme which prevents evictions from social housing with a model of holistic support that resolved rent arrears and built relationships with tenants and landlords, enabling the majority of the families we supported to stay in their homes. Watch our video to find out more.


How RSP Plus' model of support works

RSP+ uses the same ethos as our existing housing, education and employment support programmes – it works with people’s strengths and aspirations, it is tailored to need, it is holistic, and is specialised support for complex challenges.

We work with tenants with complex needs who are threatened with eviction or are otherwise housing insecure, providing intensive one-to-one support that is both therapeutic and practical. Practitioners work directly with people to make meaningful change in their lives, providing tools and techniques to make changes sustainable and finding ongoing support through signposting or connecting community services where needed.

Not only that, our work includes addressing debt and financial hardship; supporting residents’ issues with drugs and alcohol; accessing support for mental health, physical health and wellbeing, provide whole family strengthening sessions, support to find work and training and mediation support with housing services, landlords, welfare and social services and more.

Tailored support means seeing each situation and person as unique, and providing a holistic, rounded service that puts wellbeing at its heart. We know that for families and communities to live healthy and happy lives, stable, safe, and affordable housing is essential. So, our model aims to ensure that at the end of each programme our families have a secure home to build their future.

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I know that any issue, big or small, is as important to Kineara as the next one. And this is something that I really appreciated. You guys saves lives, you really do.”

Where next?

We are reaching out to local authorities across London
who are interested in innovative partnerships to deliver
meaningful support for their residents.

We want to work with councils to engage with private
landlords in their borough, connecting landlords to
services that can avoid the costs of eviction while putting
resources towards the wellbeing of their tenants.

To partner with us on this innovative project,
contact us:

Why Choose Us?

  • 92% success rate in stopping evictions of social tenants

  • Specialised, intensive support for multi-complex need

  • Holistic, systemic and whole-family ethos

  • Connecting landlord with tenant, tenant with community


For more information about how RSP+ please contact us.