Renewed Communities

renewed-communities-logo-colour-medium-150x150Kineara’s bespoke community support programme helps new and existing residents build strong and cohesive neighbourhoods.

In our experience, cohesive, strong and happy communities are built when all residents play an active part in developing it for themselves. Especially in areas suffering from deprivation where a sense of marginalisation and instability characterises a community’s experience, people’s sense of place and ownership over their local area is key to their well-being and the well-being of the community.

Renewed Communities is a tailored, intensive programme that was developed following Kineara’s experience working with a Tower Hamlets Family Intervention Project (FIP) community programme in partnership with Southern Housing Group. We work with the wider community and other stakeholders, such as housing, to connect residents with their local community and bring households together to develop a shared sense of community, to become unified and more self-sufficient. We have experience of providing a service for mixed tenure housing developments in both new and existing housing schemes, and our support ranges from intensive one-to-one interventions for vulnerable residents to facilitating residents groups.

To hear from someone who has been supported through one of our community projects please read Owen’s story.

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 Community Event Slideshow

Pictures from one of our community events in Tower Hamlets can be found above – this event was part of a community cohesion project we are running in partnership with Southern Housing Group.

What people said about the event:

 “It was a great idea, and actually helped bring the community together. Good turnout, the only downside was the weather. Kids had a great time.” – Husna Khatun

 “Very good initiative – to get residents out to meet one another. We are thoroughly enjoying the day as a family.” – Abdi Mohamed

Renewed Communities objectives:

  • To provide tailored support to residents for successful integration into their community
  • To improve community cohesion and stimulate local residents to play an active part in their local area
  • To ensure everyone within the community has their views heard and are part of decision making that affects their neighbourhood
  • To work in partnership with established services to help residents access support and tackle isolation
  • To connect residents with local services, schools, and community groups to develop a strong networks
  • To enable residents to develop a sense of place and ownership over their neighbourhood


To find out more about our community cohesion work please contact us.