Our Work

We are proud to support the community with a variety of different programmes

What We Do

As a service, we believe it’s important not to tell people what to do or make assumptions about what they need.

Instead, we listen to the needs of the people we work with, tailor our support around them and help to facilitate positive change.

If it is assisting someone in finding work, help understanding the benefit system and entitlements, or advice around family issues and parenting, we work with people to build confidence and resilience to face a new day.

We provide direct support using a holistic approach, understanding the family as a unit and the community as a network. We do not only provide practical support – we also prioritise emotional wellbeing and confidence building by offering therapeutic intervention and counselling if needed.

Kineara’s aim is to reconnect people with their passion and aspirations. We help to improve family and community relationships and aspire to create safety and resilience for people in challenging and uncertain times.

Our Key Areas of Focus


We are passionate about supporting residents and deliver a range of services to promote tenancy sustainment, resolve debt and arrears, and physical and emotional wellbeing.

We work with partners across the housing sector to deliver tailored programmes, including the Rent Support Programme, Rent Support Programme Plus (RSP+) and ReSetttling, as well as resident engagement and community cohesion projects, connecting people to place and community.


We deliver employment support that goes further than developing job readiness skills, offering rounded support that includes housing concerns, health and wellbeing.

We work with a range of partners to deliver strength-based, one-to-one support. We aim to build the confidence and skills needed for new employment opportunities, as well supporting individuals with other practical concerns that may be barriers to keeping secure employment.


We provide school support services for pupils, their families, and school staff to facilitate wellbeing, overcome challenges and contribute to creating a positive learning environment.

Our intensive programme Motivate to Educate is tailored to pupils and integrates family and housing support as part of the programme. We also deliver Our Space and Parent’s Place, drop in services for school partners that offer a space for school staff and parents to seek support.


Understanding the context in which the families we work with live is essential for shaping the services we provide to individuals and communities.

We co-develop research with and for organisations working in housing and community support to understand what matters to residents and how to improve services. Residents’ Voice, in collaboration with Azuko, is the first of these.

Our Projects

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