Opening Doors

Opening Doors aims to support people facing homelessness into long-term, sustainable housing

Over the years, homelessness and people living in temporary accommodation (TA) has exploded to record levels, with an expected 1,600 people from the London Borough of Bexley still living in TA by the end of 2019.

Research conducted by Bexley Council revealed a wide range of challenges to leaving TA including a lack of holistic support services for people experiencing multi-complex needs, rising rental prices and increasing pressures on the private rented sector. 

Opening doors is a new five-year project between Kineara, Cromwood Housing and the London Borough of Bexley, which aims to provide single homeless people in Bexley living in TA access to long-term housing. The project aims to tackle the crisis in temporary accommodation and homelessness by integrating holistic support and housing provision into one programme.

How it works

Stage 1: Enrolment onto the programme: We receive your referral from the Bexley housing team and carry out an initial assessment.  

Stage 2: Assignment of a dedicated support practitioner: Delivering holistic, person-centred support through our ReSettling model throughout your journey to stable accommodation.  This include access to a range of local support services, tailored to your individual needs, such as: 

  • support with financial concerns and rent arrears 
  • education, training and employment opportunities 
  • advice for improved physical health and mental wellbeing 


Stage 3: The last stage focuses on sustainment of the tools and strategies developed during the programme to help participants sustain their tenancy and lead fulfilling, independent lives.  

What we offer: 

  • a dedicated support worker 
  • help to access local support services 
  • assistance in removing long-term barriers to housing

Our approach

Using Kineara’s Resettling model of holistic support, the Opening Doors project aims to equip people with the tools and strategies to maintain independence and break out of the cycle of homelessness. 

ReSettling is a long-term intervention that we designed to deliver for and with people who are facing homelessness, or are living in temporary accommodation, with the aim of supporting people into sustainable and independent housing.

We work with housing providers to secure affordable and suitable homes, while providing intensive, holistic support to equip people with the tools to manage tenancies independently and break the cycle of homelessness. Our dedicated support practitioners deliver holistic, wellbeing and practical support, including finding work and training opportunities, addressing personal and social barriers, support with managing tenancies and finances, and much more. 

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The programme is designed to ensure that any issues preventing a person sustaining their tenancy is acknowledged and addressed. Partnership is an integral part of our work with people and the local community.  - Maria Morgan, Director of Kineara   

Referrals to Kineara

To make a referral, please contact our partners who will provide you with an application form. The details will then be passed onto us to begin the process of enrolment.

To learn more about the project, you can email us directly with ‘Opening Doors’ in the subject.

Why Choose Us?

  • Integrated support and housing provision into one unique programme

  • Specialised, intensive support for multi-complex needs

  • Holistic, systemic and person-centred approach

  • Connecting landlord with tenant, tenant with community


For more information please contact us.