Motivate to Educate


“Motivate to Educate works with young people to bust through the often multiple barriers that stop them achieving in school. Its success lies in its ability to engage families, teachers and anyone else important to a young person’s learning and aspirations.”

    – Maria Morgan, Kineara Director


Understanding what can support and what can prevent pupils achieving at school is key to Kineara’s successful Motivate to Educate (M2E) programme. School-phobia, anxiety, depression, family, bullying, behaviour problems and learning difficulties do lasting damage to children and young people. Motivate to Educate (M2E) gives children and young people tools and strategies to address their own personal barriers and motivate themselves to get the most out of their education.

Introducing Motivate to Educate from Kineara on Vimeo.

Kineara developed M2E with Tower Hamlets’ award-winning Family Intervention Project which has a national reputation for work with children and young people who are at risk. M2E evolved from the teams’ experiences of working with the most chaotic of families. The turnaround happens through strengthening family relationships so the child can grow in a supportive environment which stimulates their aspirations.

M2E works with pupils aged 8–18 to explore their understanding of education and builds on their ambitions. It recognises the value of the relationship between pupil, family and school so there is a shared understanding of barriers can be overcome. We have just completed our first M2E primary school pilot, which you can find out more about here.

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M2E Objectives

  • Identify and overcome barriers that stop young people from performing well at school
  • Improve attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attitudes towards teachers and school
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Build strong relationships between school and parents/ guardian
  • Help young person to explore their aspirations and link them into appropriate shadowing experiences
  • Work with parents to explore their own experiences of education and build on their aspirations for themselves and for their child
  • Help parents meaningfully engage in child’s education so they can better support
  • Develop sustainable strategies that motivate, inspire and encourage

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