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Integrating community cohesion into Kineara’s future work

renewed-communities-logo-colour-medium-150x150Over the last year, Kineara partnered with Southern Housing Group to deliver a community cohesion programme for residents of a development in Fulneck Place. Called New Beginnings, the innovative programme was designed to support residents who were new to the development with their move, foster good relationships with those already there, and enable all members of the community to feel part of the neighbourhood. Now, having learned a great deal from this project, Kineara is launching its own community cohesion intervention.


Our Spring event at Fulneck Place

Like other Kineara interventions, both New Beginnings and our new programme, Renewed Communities, use a key worker approach to provide intensive support and flexibility that is tailored to the varied needs of a diverse set of residents. Gail, our practitioner who worked on New Beginnings at Fulneck Place, has been leading on the design of our latest programme.

“New Beginnings worked well because we worked closely with many different stakeholders in the community to achieve our objectives of a smooth transition for the 55 new households moving into the new development and building strong community relationships,” Gail said. “This included the housing providers, local health services, existing community groups and family support services, and local schools. This is one important part of the work which will be central to our own community cohesion programmes”


Motivate to Educate first primary school pilot builds on early success

redlands-logo-150x150M2E, Kineara’s educational engagement programme for school students, delivered its first programme to primary school pupils this summer.

Taking place at Redlands Primary School in Tower Hamlets between March and July, Kineara practitioner Anja Lewin worked with five pupils referred by the school who were showing disengagement with their schooling, along with their families. Their concerns ranged from emotional instability to lack of motivation.

“All of the pupils already enjoyed many parts of their school experience”, Anja said. “For some though, they were struggling with their confidence and self-esteem, or were withdrawing from school tasks that they found difficult and lashing out in frustration”.


Kineara Summer Brunch – thanks to everyone who took part!

Kineara launched a licensed version of our innovative Rent Support Programme last week at a summer brunch and information day at our offices in Tower Hamlets. We had a great day, thank you all who came to hear about our work!

The Rent Support Programme (RSP), which has been running for three years, is a 10 week intensive intervention that provides tailored one-to-one support for vulnerable residents in social housing. Designed for the hardest to reach residents, the programme has had a 96% success rate in avoiding rent arrear evictions.


The event brought together representatives from housing providers from across London and the south east and gave attendees an opportunity to understand how the programme achieves its successes. Those who attended included representatives from Notting Hill Housing, East Thames Housing, and Poplar HARCA, which Kineara has worked with closely and which recently received an award for Outstanding Landlord of the Year. They were given an insight into how family intervention practices, which the RSP is based on, can provide the necessary integrated and holistic support vulnerable residents require to get to root cause of their debt.

Feedback from those who attended the event
It should have been longer!
It was great to hear from those who benefitted from the scheme and from the partners.
Great enthusiasm!


CASE STUDY: Learning to keep spending on track

Kineara practitioner, Liz Towobola, spoke with one of her residents at the close of her programme about how they worked through her spending to ease the pressure on rent payments.
rsp-logo-150x150Liz: I remember at the beginning of the programme you were feeling under pressure, like the house wasn’t yours in that situation. Did you feel like there was any support for you at the time?

Resident: Not really. I was getting letters right left and centre for the rent, and for council tax as well; for me, there was too much to focus on and I didn’t know which one to pay because they are both important. Sometimes, when I needed to buy something for the kids, I would put the bills to the side and make a double payment next time, but then I would realise when it came to it being paid I couldn’t do it.

Liz: At the time you referred to the RSP, what did you think I could offer you and how did you feel about it?


PAN European's Horizon 2020 Profile on Kineara

Social Pioneer: Profile on Kineara for PAN European’s Horizon2020


Maria Morgan (pictured) is the director of Kineara Ltd, a social enterprise that assists the most vulnerable families in society through pioneering methods of  intervention. Kineara has a bespoke cost saving approach that can help local authorities and housing associations.

Kineara is a pioneering social enterprise that provides support to housing associations and organisations that work with communities and vulnerable people. Kineara Ltd was founded in 2012 by the award-winning London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ Family Intervention Project (FIP). Using the knowledge and experience the FIP team had built over seven years, Kineara developed a short-term intervention to help people who are on the verge of spiralling into crisis.

Read the rest here.

East End’s Family Intervention pioneer Nikki Bradley gets MBE

One of Kineara’s founders, Nikki Bradley, receives an MBE

“Service manager Nikki Bradley, whose project won a Public Service award from a national newspaper in 2009, receives her honour “for services to children and families”.

Nikki became an advisor to Whitehall as a result of the success of the project helping families in crises with counselling where youngsters are disruptive in school. Her expertise on intensive family work contributed to the development of the government’s Troubled Families initiative.

Her New Year award follows a visit to the Town Hall last summer by Louise Casey, the Director General of the government’s Troubled Families Initiative at the Department for Communities which was inspired by Nikki’s project.

Tower Hamlets Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Oliur Rahman, said: “Nikki has received this honour recognising her achievements in helping families, particularly because social care is extremely challenging work which often goes unsung.”

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24 Dash reports on our Rent Support Programme

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Rent support scheme nears 100% success rate in preventing evictions

A scheme that helps vulnerable tenants in rent arrears avoid eviction has recorded a 97% success rate for keeping people in their homes.

The 10-week Rent Support Programme is run by Kineara, a social enterprise founded in 2012 to create services that save money and have a social impact.