Intensive Employment Support Programme

housesThe Intensive Employment Support Programme is an intensive and interactive 15-week programme that aims to support individuals into employment, training or education. It is designed with those individuals furthest from the job market in mind, and takes them through a journey to employment by enabling volunteer or work experience, boosting confidence, and developing job-related skills.

When we developed our IESP programme, we asked ourselves two things: First, what kind of support do those impacted by unemployment really need to be work ready? And second, what can we do to make the benefits of our support sustainable?

To answer these questions, the programme uses Kineara’s holistic approach to family support which understands that there are often multiple complex issues facing vulnerable people that need addressing together. While we provide essential practical support to explore employability needs and goals, such as CV writing and interview skills, we also recognise that education, housing instability, mental and physical health, and social isolation are among the factors that can impact an individuals ability to find employment and we work address those barriers too. The program officially went live in January 2014; we successfully managed to get 14 out of 20 people into employment.

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