Donate to our Winter Appeal

80% of the households we support are living with financial hardship.

Some people cannot afford their heating and electric bills or Council Tax and find themselves in debt and arrears. Others, over a third of households, have used emergency food vouchers and local food banks in the last year, many of them families with young children.

And over 60% of people we support say Covid effected their ability to pay the rent.

But everyone we meet is facing impossible choices this winter as the cold starts to bite. To help tide families over the hardest months, even a small donation can make a huge difference.

Please donate today so that no-one we support has go without essentials this winter. Donate today!


What your support can help us achieve:

Names and images have been changed for privacy purposes.

Last winter Olivia was evicted from a flat with serious disrepair that was cold, damp and unsafe. When we met her she was in temporary accommodation and in dispute with her landlord over unpaid rent. We supported the challenge against her landlord, applied for hardship grants and secured her a new home to live in.

When I first met you, I was cold and upset. Now I feel things are much better, more affordable…and I am not worried about being cold this winter.”