About Us

Kineara is an award winning community interest company that provides tailor made support services to families and individuals in their community.

Who We Are

At Kineara we believe that healthy relationships can help us get through tough times.

We support people to recognise their strengths and resilience in the face of challenging times. We do this by listening to what matters, reconnecting people to their passions and exploring how they might make the most of opportunities to impact their own world and the world around them.

There are many things that can create stress in our lives and makes us feel overwhelmed – jobs, money, housing, health, finances and the wellbeing of our loved ones – all those things can sometimes get on top of us, especially if we’re feeling isolated from those around us.

At those times, it is important to have a helping hand. That is where Kineara comes in.

Founded in 2012 and inspired by the ethos of the Family Intervention Project, we build on people’s strengths to create tailored support that suits the different needs of each household we work with.

Each programme we deliver is flexible and integrated, so we can adapt our work to address the multi-complex needs of each household – from rent arrears, to unemployment or mental health issues – however they might have arisen in people’s lives.

Our Director - Maria Morgan

Maria Morgan is Director of Kineara Ltd. She is a qualified Social Worker and has a Diploma in Social Work, a Degree in Social Care and Social Care Studies and a Diploma in Systemic Supervision for Multiple Contexts. She also has a CMI Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

Kineara Director - Maria Morgan

Kineara Director – Maria Morgan

‘It has been a real privilege to lead and shape Kineara.

We knew we had a lot to offer when we started in 2012 but seeing how the people we work with have offered us the opportunity to support them to change their lives has really been incredible.

Using the ethos of the Family Intervention Project, which works with families facing real difficulties and hardships, we have been able to develop tailored support services

and short intensive interventions that help families and individuals get on top of their problems before they escalate.

A lot of the people we work with just don’t know where to turn and feel isolated and in despair, but with a little support and working in partnership with families and individuals, together we help turn things around.

There’s no better feeling than helping somebody recognise their own strengths and to hear someone say ‘I’m glad you came.’

Our Team

Sandra Axell
Intervention Practitioner

Rujia Rahman
Intervention Practitioner

Shamar Simpson
Finance/Business Manager

Gail McNelly
M2E Development Lead

Elizabeth Towobola
Monitoring, Evaluation and Systems Lead

Tamanna Ali
Communications and Admin Officer

Melanie Sirinathsingh
Communications Strategy Lead

Our Board of Advisors

Radhika Bynon
Radhika is Director of Programmes at The Young Foundation, a centre for social innovation based in Bethnal Green East London.  She leads the work in communities, working with change makers and innovators to develop solutions to address the challenges that they most care about. She leads Reimagining Rent, the UK’s only innovation support programme for the private rented sector; and  Social Innovation Community, a network for social innovators across Europe; and is also working on Rootslab, an innovation lab for young women’s action and gender justice working with Oxfam, the Global Fund for Women and FRIDA (The Young Feminist Fund). She is Chair of the Global Fund for Women UK, and is on the board of Community Links in East London and Sunday Assembly, building secular congregations.
Chuks Aguocha
Chukas Aguocha serves in the board of directors of several charity organisations in both the UK and Africa with a focus on information technology, solar energy and youth skills empowerment. Chuks is currently working as a technology lead in one of UK’s leading MVNO. Chuks is on the board of AfriEnergy Projects, a duly registered Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria which helps to shape government policies in the solar industry, and seeks to develop grassroots awareness and manpower for infrastructure support. Chuks is passionate about technology as a vehicle for change, growth and global integration and excited about opportunities that promote its use in under-privileged demographics across the globe.

Work For Us

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Our Partners

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The practitioners are extremely flexible and self-sufficient, enabling the support to run independently whilst also communicating effectively with school staff.

Kirstie Barrett, Harrington Hill Primary

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